People Share Nails They Asked For Vs. Nails They Got And It’s Hilarious

People Share Nails They Asked For Vs. Nails They Got And It’s Hilarious

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Failed manicures. They are the scariest thing ever because while the nail care is all good, you want the results to be worth the money you pay for. It can be pretty complicated because you need to ask and make sure the nail tech knows what they’re doing and can promise you a satisfying result.

But sometimes, it feels like these techs are either color blind or simply took a course on YouTube and never really did anything great. Like what this girl shared on TikTok and then, hundreds of others after that.

This teen wanted pastel colors on her fingers. She came back with neon.

Okay now, most people would say that the colors aren’t that far off. They aren’t, but the tones are completely different and if you’re planning to go somewhere special in an outfit you’ve chosen, it can really ruin your look. Plus, you paid for them and the tech said, “Yes.”

Don’t say “yes” if you can’t!

Someone got a totally different nails and honestly, I’d flip the table right before the polish touches my second nail.

Someone got the same pastel/neon mistakes.

Someone… got her nails cut way too short!


why did i not only pay for this but also tip like $15 #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – madelineshaeneely

She said she can do ombre.

The shape. What kind of shape is that?


these were supposed to be for a wedding i was going to….. i ended up chopping all my fingers off #greenscreen #lol #EatEmUp #nails #fails #whyme

♬ original sound – madelineshaeneely

Help. The nail tech was adamant about one color each nail here.

We think, however, that this one won. We’re sorry for the horrible results you got girl.


Called my mom balling the second I left and she had to call the nail salon ##fyp ##nails ##ugly

♬ original sound – madelineshaeneely