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People Eat Pickles At Theaters In Texas And Had No Clue No One Else Does


People Eat Pickles At Theaters In Texas And Had No Clue No One Else Does

Does your movie theater offer pickles too?

A trip to the movie theater means a bowl of freshly popped popcorn bathing in a golden pool of extra butter and, a cup of Soda. For you, maybe it’s the nachos, the hot dogs and the candies, but hey you’re paying an arm and a leg for all of this stuff.

While I totally agree with all of your movies-associated snacking ventures, I would, however, like to admit there’s a particular theater snack I can’t just be quiet about. Yes! Pickles.

Have you heard it’s totally legit for people in Texas to eat pickles at the movies

In 2018, a mind-blowing revelation on the dietary phenomenon came to light and it was also revealed that Texans enjoy their theater pickles. In fact, it’s now a norm for them. Movie theaters = Dill Pickles.

Pickles are available for purchase at many of their concession stands and just like other movie snacks, they are equally overpriced

In the above picture, you would observe that a single pickle cost $2.75 and considering the average jar of pickles selling somewhere else at $4-$5, reducing anything more than $1 seems a little sharp. Anyways, that’s movies and snacks for you!

Obviously,  some locations even offer a drain bit of the pickle juice and that’s called ‘Good Customer Service’

But unfortunately, individuals from outside of Texas were shocked to stumble upon the theater delicacy and were so moved to share their surprise on social media pages.

A Facebook thread disclosed that people in Texas weren’t aware they were doing anything out of the ordinary


As earlier reported by Bored Panda, the locals were just used to snacking on delicious pickles with every movie theater they visit.

On the other hand, Pickles at the movies is also a norm in Louisiana

Tumblr | mypatronusisklaine

And I know I was anti-pickle in the beginning but now I think I am going with the old different strokes approach

Twitter | @that_tomboy

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