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People Are Driving Out Of State For Groceries To Avoid Mask Mandates


People Are Driving Out Of State For Groceries To Avoid Mask Mandates

You want your freedom, but that should not come at the cost of other people’s safety.

The world is in fear, because how could it not when a pandemic is spreading? It’s really easy to feel trapped, as if your world has shutdown and you can’t even hangout with friends anymore. Technically, you still can, but everything is online and it’s just not the same.

This has caused some people to feel like the mask mandate is trapping them into submission. But we know that isn’t true. We know that the masks have helped people in curbing the spread of the virus and save lives.

Posts like this one are driving people mad. Amanda Rhea blatantly refused to adhere to the mask mandate.

What came as a plot twist was when a highschool friend of her replied…


Yes, wearing a mask can make it a little hard to breathe. Yes, it can also get hot and for women, it also means you can’t go all out with your makeup because it won’t be seen. But isn’t it impressive to see what some people are willing to do just so they can avoid the mask mandate?

After receiving a huge negative backlash, Rhea did not stay quiet. She sent a statement to KXYL that her “”practices around COVID-19 have swung as far as the pendulum will allow”. She explained, “My practices began to shift after seeing recommendations come out only to be contradicted by the same source the next week and after seeing the government slowly attempt to scare people into submission.”

She wrote, “I wear a mask at work and if I’m feeling under the weather. I do this out of an abundance of caution and out of respect, but I’m not convinced it’s necessary when I’m healthy and I want to fight back a little as I’m concerned the mandate is a governmental overreach.”

She added, “It’s my opinion that the consequences of giving up our freedom could be far more detrimental than COVID-19, but you can’t argue with people who don’t understand the difficulties our forefather’s went through to ensure we can live in a free country.”


“Although I know it may be a losing battle, I’m not going to idly stand by and allow my freedom to slowly be chipped away. I’m going to put up a fight. Governor Inslee said any facial covering will do and it seems mask wearing may be more about compliance than protection.”

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