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Parent Shamed For ‘Dirty’ Car That Took Professionals 7 Hours To Clean


Parent Shamed For ‘Dirty’ Car That Took Professionals 7 Hours To Clean

Stop with the hate, guys.

“Usually we like to only share ‘after’ photos but this one was too funky not to share,” wrote Proline Automotive as they received one handful car to work on. The professional cleaning service is there to tackle even the worst, but this is one of the funkiest for them yet.

A car owner in New South Wales, Australia has asked for thorough cleaning of what appears to be a complete mess of a car! It’s a given, though, because that’s how having more than one child can do to a car.

Below are the horrifying states the car is in.

Trash and wrappers are persistently stuck to the interior.

The Mazda took a total of 7 hours to clean and while that’s some insane time, the professionals prove their skills once again.

“Seats and carpets were shampooed then extracted for multiple passes to remove sticky substances, deep stains, and unpleasant odours,” they wrote on Facebook. “Unfortunately the remaining marks on the seats were caused by baby seats and are irreversible. We always recommend to people who have just purchased a new vehicle to place a towel under baby seats to avoid this type of damage if child seat safety guidelines approve this.”

But this has actually made people shame the owner of the cars who let their car to be in this state. One wrote, “This is shameful.”

Another wrote, “People like this actually exist. Imagine what their house looks like. YUCK.”

One user wrote, “That is absolutely disgusting. Have they never cleaned their car?! God knows what their house looks like.”

While Proline did allow for the use of their pictures based on the consent of the car owner, they did not expect it to attract so much negativity. Parenting is not easy, especially telling your kids not to eat in the car.

The team later commented, “We can’t believe the negativity our post has attracted. It was never intended to offend people.”

“Lesson learned. We will be sure to only be posting shiny cars from now on, like we usually do.”

In another comment, they also wrote, “We are absolutely shocked at how the media has taken a simple post about our capabilities (which we do everyday) and turned it into something negative which is attracting a lot of hate.”

There are also people coming to their defense, writing, “Wow. If you guys want a real challenge I got an I max. 6 kids under 7. It’s a bit feral!”

Another added, “Good on you. This shows that you focused your attention on having a life, enjoying your kids and when the car needed some love you took it to professional cleaners! So people who want to judge u have no life and need to move on we have enough negativity in this world!”

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