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Oreos Eggs Filled With Creme And Cookies Are Back!


Oreos Eggs Filled With Creme And Cookies Are Back!

The best treats for a fulfilling holiday!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I usually get excited each time reports of new Oreo flavors are announced.

Do you know why? It’s simple, I have never gone wrong with an Oreo no matter the flavor. And if you are as super excited as I am, then this latest news is for you as well.

Literally, Eggs are linked with Easter, but recently our very-loved egg-themed treats are resurfacing back for the holidays. Perhaps, the manufacturers understand its buyers can’t just help it and indeed plan on giving more treats.

Of course, I am happy and people are also pretty freaking happy that the Oreo Eggs are coming back for the holiday

The delicious confections are recognized as hollow chocolate eggs with crème and cookies filled inside of it. Yes, they’re super awesome and have overtime been enjoyed in the United Kingdom, America, and Canada.

It was really very popular and now it’s back with a winter theme

Oreos Eggs Filled With Creme And Cookies Are Back!

The Oreos crème filled candy with cookie pieces comes in packs of 5 and can be purchased at Walmart.

You can also spot them on a few grocery store shelves, hence be on guard

With Easter production staying for a limited, it’s best to purchase these while you can as they would be an awesome stocking stuffer.

Hurry now!!

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