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New Toilet Design Will Stop Workers From Taking Long Bathroom Breaks


New Toilet Design Will Stop Workers From Taking Long Bathroom Breaks

Say goodbye to comfort breaks!

A group – The British Toilet Association (BTA) campaigning for better bathroom facilities in public spaces and in offices has unveiled a Standard Toilet.

The Standard Toilet with a seat sloping forward by almost 11-13 degrees was launched to increase strain on the legs, very much similar to a gently squat thrust.

Specifically, the group hopes to target offices as it’s believed cutting down on the long bathroom breaks carried out by employees would tremendously improve productivity.

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Mahabir Gill, a developer said: ‘It’s estimated that in the United Kingdom, long employee breaks costs industry and commerce a total of £4 billion, an equivalent of $5.24billion yearly. With the advent of flexible zero-hour contracts, it’s easy to see why the Standard Toilet can be an asset.’

Revealing the toilet also provides health and wellbeing benefits through enhanced posture, Gill added: ‘Medical studies have opined that using the traditional WC causes swollen hemorrhoids and weakening of the pelvic muscles.’

‘The Standard toilet provides comfort through promoting the engagement of both the upper and lower leg muscles, reducing musculoskeletal ailments.’

The new design, however, appears to solve public bathroom congestion by getting lines moving faster and in reducing overflow into the use of handicap facilities. Presently, there are two basic designs – Wall-mounted and the floor mounted.

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