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Neighborhood Starts Co-Op Homeschooling, Retired Marine In Charge Of PE And Kids Enjoy It


Neighborhood Starts Co-Op Homeschooling, Retired Marine In Charge Of PE And Kids Enjoy It

What’s happening in your neighborhood?

When the lockdown rules were originally announced to the world, a lot of parents resorted to homeschooling. This undeniably resulted in a sea of tweets as well as other exclamations online admitting how much teachers need to be respected. Now, some parents have gone to the extent of forming a co-op, a kind of schooling method among neighbors.

The Co-op schooling method features each parent in the neighborhood teaching neighborhood’s children something they know and in that means, you have parents aligned to take up varieties of discipline between lessons, ensuring that kids are learning and kept occupied during the day.

Schools Shut Down, Hence Parents Started Homeschooling And Even Reached A Decision To Have Fun While They’re At It.

In a recent tweet, Michael Haz spoke about how Co-op schooling was happening in their neighborhood, explaining that since schools are closed temporarily, his neighborhood reached a consensus to come together for co-op schooling. More interestingly, the person in charge of Physical Education is recognized as a retired marine.

Michael Haz Tweeted How His Neighborhood Decided To Do Co-op Schooling, Placing A Retired Marine In Charge Of PE


‘The retired marine got elementary school children all lined up in his backyard doing air squats and burpees while also chanting ‘I don’t know but I believe Santa comes on Christmas Eve.’ Haz wrote in his viral tweet.

The aforementioned was adequate for people On Twitter to start salivating with the craving of either sending their kids over to join or perhaps launch a boot camp of the education process as well. ‘The children are having a ball. There was much yelling and laughing. He’s got them marching to the lot line while chanting I hate school! I hate school! Studying at home is quite cool!’ Haz added.

People Found The Whole Story Hilarious And Offered Their Own Cadence Calls


A Few Shared More Non-Traditional PE Stories

Going all viral on Imgur and garnering over 175,000 views, Internet users found it absolutely wholesome and hilarious, requesting if they can sign up their children and saying the cadence calls made it much more fun than it already was.

Users Applauded The Fun Backyard School Bootcamp Story After Going Viral

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