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Naruto Running Man Spotted Near Area 51 During Live News Coverage


Naruto Running Man Spotted Near Area 51 During Live News Coverage

The scene was a total delight!

I guess you’ve seen and perhaps laughed at how the whole event occurred. You might have as well, laughed at the viral ‘Storm Area 51’ memes that made round over the internet months back. While most individuals had a good laughter and giggled at the hilarious images associated with the event, some had huge plans than that. A plan that includes storming Area 51.

Anyways, that’s exactly how ‘Alienstock was given birth to. A 21-year-old student named Matty Roberts was the original creator of the ‘Storm Area 51 – They Can’t Stop All Of Us.’ Hailed from Bakersfield, California, the group he created works with numerous collaborators and organized an alien-themed festival slated for 19th -22nd September.

However, while a live reporter was describing the preparation of the festival, a man was spotted behind doing the infamous Naruto-run

As a result of the earlier memes, the event was so watched closely by observers. And that’s why Channel 13 sent a live reporter to see what exactly happens.

Joe Bartels – the reporter was describing what was occurring when a man Naruto-run past him. And to all the individuals who were quite familiar with the earlier jokes, the scenario was a total delight.

The Alienstock Festival intended on uniting people from all over the world who had agreed on Storming Area 51

Roberts revealed problems that include sanitation, medical personnel, security issues and insurance permit as his major reason he withdrew from ‘Alienstock.’

Despite all of the hitches, it appeared some individuals still showed up at the main event, even though it wasn’t professionally organized. Hence, what originated as a Facebook meme sure became a reality afterward.

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