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“My Parents Kicked Me Out For Doing Only[f]ans, But Now I Pay Their Bills”


“My Parents Kicked Me Out For Doing Only[f]ans, But Now I Pay Their Bills”

An unusually wholesome story from the adult platform!

It seems like a commonly shared reality for many people just starting out in the adult world to have a student loan with them. But a content creator refused to start off her life like that and switched out to focus on her OnlyFans account.

It is Faith Lianne, who’s only 19 years old, that started making racy content for the platform, but not without a strong refusal from her parents.

Lianne was kicked out at the age of 18 by her parents when she decided to drop out of college to start making money. The Floridian woman shared with Jam Press, “These days, being a graduate seems so bleak with no guarantees that you’ll get a successful job.”

“I don’t come from a wealthy family, and I didn’t want to start my life with debt from student loans,” she added, the same thing she told her parents when she decided to stop chasing after higher education.

“I tried to explain to them that having a degree no longer equates to the success it did when they were younger.”

However, they weren’t taking any of it and condemned her life choice. She recalled, “They gave me an ultimatum: continue studying or not live under their roof.”

But they’ve mended their relationship now, with Faith currently supporting her two parents while employing her brother as her manager. They’re also living together with her as she continues working with her adult content.

She also shared how much better her life is compared to her peers now that she’s become a famous figure, followed by the likes of Snoop Dogg and Tyga.

“I bought a new house for $800,000 and got myself a Rolex, YSL and Gucci purses, and a Louis Vuitton bag,” she shared on her splurging habits. “I also spend about $1,000 every fortnight on new clothes for Instagram or OnlyFans pictures. I never wear the same thing twice.”

Faith, who is now enjoying the results of her decision, “I love that OnlyFans has allowed me to afford this lifestyle. The plan is to make this my main line of work for as long as I can.”

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