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Mountain Of Uncollected Luggage At Heathrow Airport Goes Viral


Mountain Of Uncollected Luggage At Heathrow Airport Goes Viral

Staff were seen trying their best to deal with the luggage.

Heathrow was a hole of chaos as uncollected luggage gathered on the airport floor, and confused, busy staff tried to sort things out. Travelers who were at the London airport on 17 June could see thousands of suitcases just lying on the floor of Terminal 2.


A “technical issue” hit the bagging system. This meant some people couldn’t retrieve their belongings for two days.

The UK’s airport was already short-staffed with several delayed flights. And now it’s figuratively under fire with not just lost luggage but also the crashing bagging system.

Deborah Haynes from Sky News was among those affected and shared what the scene was like.

“There were clusters of suitcases without owners grouped around various conveyor belts,” said the defense and security editor. “I wondered where the owners were.”

“Then, when I stepped outside, I could see this crazy mass of suitcases filling the pavement like an enormous luggage carpet. I’ve never seen anything like it. Though it did seem to be trying to be organized chaos.”

“Officials looked to be trying to arrange the suitcases next to poles with letters from the alphabet stuck on them – maybe it was to correspond with the name of the owner of each bag. It looked to be an epic task.”

Another member from the same media outlet, international affairs editor Dominic Waghorn, was also there to witness the chaos sink in. He shared, “Passengers are being told they may not get their luggage for two days.”

“One passenger was overheard saying, ‘but I’m climbing Kilimanjaro tomorrow I need all my stuff.'”

And they’re not the only people: there are already hundreds of users tweeting about the situation.

One affected user shared, “What is happening to the UK? Everything is falling apart. Son’s luggage did not arrive for a 2 week trip to Vancouver. Praying he gets in the next few days.”

Another wrote, “Just yesterday, BA rerouted me to another airline but did not transfer my bag. Nobody knows where that bag is now with 2 weeks of my clothes and shoes! I know now. It’s one of these!!! Done with BA and Heathrow for good.”

“Boyfriend left Heathrow to visit me in Vienna. He arrived, but his luggage is somewhere in this chaos. ffs,” shared another frustrated user.

Thousands reportedly traveled without their luggage, according to the airport.

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