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Mom Tweeted Why Her Kid Won’t Attend His Virtual Classrooms, Goes Viral


Mom Tweeted Why Her Kid Won’t Attend His Virtual Classrooms, Goes Viral

Education is important, but it should never precede happiness.

Archaeologist Sarah Parcak had recently went viral with her tweet on homeschooling and keeping the balance between school, playing and quality time for young kids. She is a professor of Anthropology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham among many others.

The current situation has demanded changes to be done in how things are usually done. Kids are required to attend virtual classes and working-class people do their work from home. But Sarah was not just a professor – she is a wife, an archaeologist with a running project and on top of that all, a mother to a first grader.

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“We will not be participating in her virtual classroom and he was done with the 1st grade.”


Sarah first made it clear that her boy’s teacher is a very kind and caring individual. However, the situation has demanded that she does not compromise her boy’s happiness and sanity. She and husband stick together and made sure he is loved and happy instead of being stuck doing worksheets.

With Sarah and her husband still working (as opposed to many people who are now stranded and jobless due to lockdown), they had to do their best to split their time between playing and educating. Sarah told other parents to do what’s best and right for their family AND mental health. If it means virtual classroom works, then go for it.

But if it does’t, just let it go.

Her tweets are welcomed and went viral among parents and teachers alike. Many agree that the extreme situation has caused a sudden switch to online classrooms and many students just aren’t equipped for it nor is it the best solution for many families as a whole. Homeschooling is almost impossible for some who have both parents work full-time.


Sarah made a hilarious comeback to one of the listed activity.


Some pitch in ideas for pressured moms on how they can keep their kids ‘educated’ during the lockdown.


One revealed why teachers had to push on with the ‘virtual classrooms’.

There are always people who disagree and here are what they think.

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