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Mom Tells Children They Need To Stay Still To Charge Glow-In-The Dark PJs


Mom Tells Children They Need To Stay Still To Charge Glow-In-The Dark PJs

A great way to get some stillness for your kids!

If we were to be credited each time our parents white-lied to us, then by now I should be among the billionaires in the world. Parents make their children believe all kinds of tales, and when grown, we tend to realize that all was a big fat lie.

Same situation, an Ingenious mom who is from Poughkeepsie, New York just went viral for telling her children a hilarious white lie when struggling to put them to bed.

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This Particular Mother Told Her Children They Need To Lie Still In Order To Charge Their Glow-In-The Dark Pjs

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Jessica D’Entremont

‘As you can see, Jessica’s daughters Hennelore and Emma are laying on the ground, patiently, while waiting for their PJs to charge,’ Jessica wrote in a now-viral Facebook post.  

Jessica Is A Mother-Of-Four Year Old Emma And Three Year Old Hannelore

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Jessica D’Entremont

The funny way in which Jessica dealt with her two little rascals immediately went viral, garnering over 120k shares and 200k likes.  ‘What a brilliant idea. Mom’s need to come up with what works to keep their sanity,’ a mother commented. Another appreciated Jessica’s idea by saying: ‘I love this idea so much. I wish I had thought of this idea when my children were very much little.’

Jessica’s Girls Have A Sensory Processing Disorder

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Jessica D’Entremont

The term Sensory processing disorder is regarded as a condition in which a person’s brain has trouble receiving as well as responding to information that comes in through the senses.

People However Loved The Concept And Some Internet Users Also Shared The White Lies They Once Told Their Children

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