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Mom Shared How Formula Shortage Has Been Hell For Her Baby, And She’s Not Alone


Mom Shared How Formula Shortage Has Been Hell For Her Baby, And She’s Not Alone

“I just have to sit there and stare at empty shelves and not know what I’m going to do next.”

Several of you must have noticed the formula shortage that’s plaguing the US right now. At least three different types of formula have been called back due to bacterial infections diagnosis found on four hospitalized infants who were fed these.

They were Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare. All cans came from Abbott Nutrition’s Sturgis, Michigan facility. With three of them off the shelves, parents don’t get a lot of choices when it comes to getting formulas. And what’s even worse is some areas don’t even have enough.

Kayzie Weedman shared how this has been affecting her children, one of whom was allergic to cow milk.

“Let’s talk about the formula shortage that is plaguing the US right now, because more people need to know about this,” she opened her viral TikTok clip. “You go to your local Target, your local Walmart, and you think you’re going to get the formula your baby needs?”

“Nope. Shelves are bare. And there are babies who can’t have just any formula that’s on the shelf.”

“I’m going to insert a picture of what my daughter looks like when she has cow’s milk because she has a huge cow’s milk protein allergy,” she continued before showing her daughter with rashes all over her face. “So, what am I going to do when I go to the shelves and can’t get the formula that I need?”

“The pharmacist who fills her prescription formula can’t fill it because they can’t get it — it’s back-ordered six months and I just have to sit there and stare at empty shelves and not know what I’m going to do next.”

“Formula is not available on any of the shelves. They’re empty — nowhere near three hours near me.”

“Can’t get the formula. What are we going to do? Where do we go from here? How do formula moms feed their kids?”

At the time of filming, shelves around the stores Kayzie went to were swept clean. She showed how empty the shelves were, pointing out how dire the situation is right now for mothers who need a formula for their children.

Her video became a place where a number of mothers with similar fears converge.

@momofrory Excuse my makeup less crying face this #formulashortage is so scary. #formulamilk #formulacrisis #formulafeeding #formulafed #fyp #fypシ original sound – Kayzie Weedman

Kayzie had noticed the diminishing supply since the end of last year, but she never imagined the shelves would ever be void of anything.

“She’s allergic to dairy, soy, gluten, and goats milk so we are limited,” she added to emphasize the importance of getting only formulas that are safe for her. And she’s also familiar with people who keep asking her to breastfeed and share how frustrating it is.


“I could not breastfeed because of Palmer’s immune system and allergy needs,” she spoke.

But her cries – and many other mothers’, too! – were heard as internet strangers began offering her help. Kayzie finally got her hand on several cans for Palmer, some sent from places as far as Australia!

She updated the story on Facebook and thanked people for the 12 cans that would keep Palmer fed for the next 3 months.

The family is safe, but Kayzie still expresses worry for others who still struggling to find their cans. She suggests people “band together” to look for the formula “for each other.”

She continued, “I have friends and family from all over looking for her cans every time they go to the store. Help moms out and just grab ONE can. Frenzy buying isn’t helping.”

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