Mom Share Her Teenage Daughter's Pregnancy Story And Her Advice Is Precious

Mom Share Her Teenage Daughter’s Pregnancy Story And Her Advice Is Precious

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It’s hard to see your teen kids suddenly finding themselves hurled into parenthood. They’re too young for it and had so much more in life they wanted to do. People make unfortunate decisions, mistakes, but when your kids need you, they need you. And that’s what Nicole Hennessy stick to when her 17-year-old girl Angelina came out with a positive test.

Her first video was her discovering Angelina with a negative test, but there was more.

Nicole Hennessy

She knew pregnancy tests can be inconsistent, so she bought another and asked her to test again. Like every other teen parent, she sobbed and panicked when it came out positive. Nicole, however, calmed her down and said she’s there for her.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Nicole said, “The moment I saw the pregnancy test wrapper, I knew it was my daughter’s. My immediate reaction was, ‘Angelina needs me, so don’t react!'”

“I said, ‘Do you need a hug?’ And I hugged her tight and told her I would help her figure this out,” she added.

She updated on her girl’s teen pregnancy journey with a second video.


She finds professionals and let her daughter talk to all options available, including recurring trips to the abortion clinic. But at the end of the day, Nicole’s support became the very reason Angelina decided to keep her baby. She felt loved and had a gut feeling she didn’t want to let the baby go.

Nicole Hennessy

People are loving this mom’s reaction and way of treating her daughter’s new life.

Angelina’s baby is due this September and we wish her a safe delivery and happiness only after this! One last TikTok video of the most beautiful mom-daughter dynamic.