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Mom-Of-Four, 46, Often Gets Mistaken As Her Eldest Son’s Sister


Mom-Of-Four, 46, Often Gets Mistaken As Her Eldest Son’s Sister

From daily vitamin C to adopting paleo diet.

Fashion blogger Anna Mae Groves knows how to style herself and is conscientious about her skincare. And it really shows because people didn’t know that she’s a youthful mom to four adult men!

The US-based content creator is 46 years old and she blew people away because she barely looked the age!

She’s been considered her sons’ sister as she showed off her boys who were aged 18, 19, 20, and the eldest being 22.

Viewers were in disbelief at how youthful the mom looked in the clips with one commenting, “How come you look like the sister? Skincare please and makeup routine.”

She shared in one of her videos that she pays extra attention to her skincare. Among the products she used were retinol sunscreen, Vit. C, and weekly AHA.

Anna also gets microneedling done bi-monthly as well as Dysport. Her diet is 80% paleo. Her investment in skincare and taking care of her appearance showed its fruition in the comments of people who could hardly believe their eyes. Another commented, “You look so… YOUTHFUL all around. So pretty.”

She shares tips on how to be fashionable and what one has in the wardrobe on her page. The blogger also shares makeup tutorials.

Such a beautiful family!

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