Mom Makes Costumes Out Of Cardboard Boxes For Her Children And Here're 20 Of The Best Ones

Mom Makes Costumes Out Of Cardboard Boxes For Her Children And Here’re 20 Of The Best Ones

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A Mother has proven to be a genius by designing templates for people to make costumes out of cardboard.

Alicia Brown, from Melbourne, Australia loves cardboard and it’s totally underestimated. While a lot of individuals throw away their cupboard boxes, Alicia is usually excited when a brand new crisp cardboard box enters her home.

‘It’s nothing new, children have been playing with cardboard boxes for years now and a cardboard box can be anything we desire it to be, with just a little imagination.’ Alice explained.

Well, we at Greenlemon has compiled 20 of the best of Alice’s costumes out of cardboard boxes for you. Similarly, you can visit her website and YouTube channel.

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#1 The Viking

#2 Skulls Done With Cardboard

#3 Brickheads Cardboard

#4 The Spaceship Umbrella

#5 The Dinosaur Head

#6 The Head of Frankenstein

#7 Meet The Snowmen

#8 See our beards

#9 The Lion headdress

#10 The Frankenstein Head

#11 Meet The Knight

#12 The Unicorn

#13 Lion Headdress, Check Us Out

#14 The Helmet

#15 The Robotic Cardboard Hands

#16 Head Of Dinosaur

#17 The Firemen Helmet

#18 The Spaceship Umbrella

#19 The Shape Of Heart

#20 Yet, Again Another Knight