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Mom Caught Daughter Sneaking The Boyfriend In Through The Doorbell Camera


Mom Caught Daughter Sneaking The Boyfriend In Through The Doorbell Camera

Oops! Mission failed.

Carly Weaver was excited about her relationship and thought sneaking the boyfriend into her house while on break from college won’t be hard. But the Carolina woman was busted by her mom, Tracy Duncan Weaver, who saw two people attempting to sneak into her house from the doorbell camera.


The viral clip, which has been private, showed her trying to enter her parent’s house with her boyfriend.

“When you thought you deactivated the Ring and wake up to texts from your mom.”

Carley, who was totally caught off-guard, sarcastically wrote, “What a great way to start the year.” The clip showed her telling her boyfriend to keep his voice down as they sneaked to her room.

Alas, her attempts were useless because the camera was still running!

Carley updated that it wasn’t serious as her mom was cool about it.

It was an awkward situation that the mom and daughter laughed about. A lot of people were also enjoying the hilarious story, sharing how they could relate to the incident themselves.

The nostalgia hit really strong on this one!

Carley also dubbed her mom as her anti-depressant in a video dedicated to her.

Her mother also regularly showers her with love and texts to encourage her.


Many were pointing out how technology and products like Ring really made things easier back in the day. One wrote, “So happy for no cell phones and no technology when I was still in school and did s**t like this back in the day lol. I would’ve gotten disowned.”

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