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Mom Accuses Chuck E. Cheese Character For Ignoring Her Black Child’s High Five


Mom Accuses Chuck E. Cheese Character For Ignoring Her Black Child’s High Five

She’s looking to take this issue to court.

A mascot invited to a New Jersey party is the latest to be accused of racial discrimination. The Chuck E. Cheese character was caught on tape, seemingly ignoring a black girl dancing on the floor around him after giving the kids on the stage high-fives.

Shocked and humiliated, the girl’s mom uploaded the footage on social media.

She captioned the video, “On July 30 at Chuck E Cheese in Wayne, NJ, my 2yo was racially discriminated against. As you can see, he gives all of the yt kids hi-5s & PURPOSELY ignored my black baby. When confronted, he ignored me as well.”

She then came up to the manager to talk about it, but what she got were “excuses” for the mascot. The mom updated the incident on her Twitter, “Saying she’s ‘sorry I feel that way’ but he didn’t see her, even after showing her the PROOF in the video. This is getting out of hand!!!”

Eventually, the little girl got to take a picture with the mascot, even though Safa was apprehensive about it.

She shared, “I wasn’t for it, but Safa was still innocently following him around — of course, unaware of what just happened. Just for her to take a picture like this. Great job, Safa.”

Thousands were enraged by the clip, and one user showed proof that the costume isn’t so restricting you can’t see a kid in front of you.

One user tried to reason, “Perhaps they couldn’t see with the headpiece on. The other children were higher up for them to see. Wearing that suit is quite heavy and not easy to look through.”

The tagged video, however, showed another Chuck E. Cheese mascot who gave a small boy “who is probably shorter than her” that ran up to him a hug.

As the issue blew up, Safa’s mother is looking to take this to court “expeditiously.”


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