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Millionaire Is Hiring A Personal Photographer To Travel The World And Will Pay $55K


Millionaire Is Hiring A Personal Photographer To Travel The World And Will Pay $55K

Sounds like a good job all over!

Matthew Lepre, 27, is looking to hire a personal photographer that will travel abroad regularly for him. The salary is going to be $55k on top of the covered accommodation. The man is the founder of Ecom Warrior Academy and a millionaire at his young age.

Speaking about his job, Lepre said, “During the past year alone I have managed to grow my business while travelling to UAE, Indonesia, USA, NZ, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland and Thailand and up until now, have relied on my best friend to be there to take photos on his phone.”

He’s also active on social media and has always posted beautiful pictures of him traveling and chillaxing. But now he needs a mate who can help focusing on other work areas.

Previously, he has hired a personal assistant on September. She is Tyanna De Assis, a former fashion student.

Tyanna De Assis, Lepre’s personal assistant today, was hired after a tight selection across 70,000 applications. When she was told she’s getting the job, she was ‘in shock and wonder how they even came past’ her CV. She wrote ‘Most entertaining PA you will ever have’ for the subject line as she sent her application email.

It appears that Tyanna is very well-versed in social media and has had experiences working for CEOs and directors. The perfectionist woman was also an office manager who is used to making appointments and dealing with clients from different countries.

As a personal assistant, they will earn a salary of $52,000 and that ‘was just the beginning’.

Lepre is living a lavish lifestyle as he earns $120,000 from working as an e-commerce entrepreneur.

Lepre did not graduate – he dropped out at the age of 23 and began his own business. Soon, it shot off and thrown him to the peak of his life as he follows his motto of ‘work hard, play harder’.

He is now back in his base in Sydney, formulating a new training program that helps people earn six figures from home just like him. He’s also spoken of how he grew up with his single mother and relies heavily on meal drops by The Salvation Army.

As for those who work for him, he wants to be people who work hard ‘but also fun and spontaneous’. That person also has to be a professional photographer who can take-off at a moment’s notice.

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