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McDonald’s Drive-Thru Will Soon Be AI Controlled


McDonald’s Drive-Thru Will Soon Be AI Controlled

There won’t be human interactions in the drive-thru anymore?

McDonald’s on Tuesday has agreed to acquire Apprente’s AI technology. The Silicon Valley company has been developing drive-thru and self-service AI technology that cuts down service time since 2017. The employees will also be part of the founders of McD Tech Labs where more techs dedicated to the giant fast-food joints will be researched and developed.

McDonald’s has closed two deals this year and Apprente’s will mark the third one. Earlier in March, McDonald’s acquire a close to $300 million deal with Dynamic Field which handles the personalization and decision logic technology. It basically adjusts the menu based on the weather and time of the day and year.

McDonald’s determined to have Dynamic Field technology employed across all drive-thrus in the US and Australia by the end of this year. After that, the company has also invested in a mobile app vendor, Plexure.

The chain has been focusing on improving the tech sides of their stores by adding digital menus and self-service kiosks and the CEO has claimed that these stores have been generating better income since then.

Might we see no more human servers in the future of McDonald’s drive-thru?

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