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Man Who Found Lost Wallet Uses Genius Banking Trick To Contact Owner


Man Who Found Lost Wallet Uses Genius Banking Trick To Contact Owner

Kind people do exist and they give humanity hopes.

Losing your wallet is a head-scratching, headache-inducing, stress-building incident. Depending on you, some probably had just headed out from withdrawing cash. Others might have important identifying information such as their ID card, credit cards, debit cards, etc. in their wallet.

In times like this, we can only pray for Good Samaritans to come up and hand them back. But it becomes hard when you realize your wallet has 0 of such things, making the urge to just walk away with your wallet really strong.

Your heart definitely sinks when you get a notification of someone spending with your missing card, but someone recently couldn’t be happier for it and Green Lemon found this story so wholesome.

Tim Cameron lost his wallet along with his important cards.

image 66

He did it by making ‘4x transfers of £0.01 each with a reference up to 18 chars’.

stranger returns lost wallet in creative way 1

Anyone would be more than willing to spend £0.04 to be able to retrieve back their lost wallet with bank cards and be able to thank the founder in person. We still have good people around us, after all.

This has sparked more people to tell even more heartwarming stories.

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image 68
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Let’s spread the love, guys!

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