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Man Runs Entire Marathon While Chain-Smoking Cigarettes


Man Runs Entire Marathon While Chain-Smoking Cigarettes

Uncle Chen the marathon smoker-runner.

A Chinese man has made a round on the internet after his impressive round in the Guangzhou marathon. Users were pretty baffled with some considering this controversial because the man finished a pack of cigarettes until he reached the finishing line.

Uncle Chen Guangzhou marathon 1

What’s even more impressive is that he was pretty impressive and finished the run within three and a half hours.

Uncle Chen Guangzhou marathon 2

Most runners and athletes avoid smoking, but definitely not Uncle Chen. While not much is known about the man, pictures snapped of the man inseparable from his packs of cigs. These pictures were enough to make him viral on the internet.

As the group noticed that the man was gaining attention, they decided to share his certificate for finishing the run that was over 40km long. He finished in a little less than 3.5 hours and placed in 574th place among 1500 competitors.

He’s in fact, an avid marathon runner who’s also participated in Xiamen marathon in 2019 and the Guangzhou marathon in 2018. And you guessed it: he was also reportedly smoking at both events.

Uncle Chen Guangzhou marathon 3

Some people say he only smoked while running, but nobody really knows the truth as he was only known as Uncle Chen. His best records were 50 km and 12 hours. While it was, you have to admit, pretty impressive, it has scored some negative reactions from viewers.

One thinks that the behavior should be “banned from the race,” while another felt “back for other runners” around him. While most think it was funny and we just couldn’t help but wonder what would be his record if he hadn’t been such a heavy smoker.

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