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Man Ordered 21 Meals From A Struggling Restaurant But Refused To Pay


Man Ordered 21 Meals From A Struggling Restaurant But Refused To Pay

That is awful…

People are ruthless when they see the world in crisis, and they can still launch these cruel ‘pranks.’ For a long while, online food delivery service is no stranger to these petty pranks. There will be customers who, for reasons unknown, send them to false addresses as ‘pranks.’ Because it’s COD (cash on delivery), the deliverymen have to deal with the losses themselves.

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Melbourne’s family restaurant had to experience this prank, but it was horrible as it cost them $170. The struggling family restaurant shared a screenshot of their text message with the prankster.

This really makes those who read it livid.

The unsuspecting owner received an order from a first-time customer, and it was quite huge: a total of 21 meals. Because it was their first time, the owner was happy enough to provide a free delivery service, but they quickly fear the worse when they couldn’t find the address.

The restaurant located at Yarra Ranges in East Melbourne told their customer that the address they received doesn’t seem to be correct. The reply that came in was rude, and it read, “I know. F*** heads.”

In response, the restaurant wrote, “Thank you for letting a small local struggling business down by doing this kind of inhuman jokes. Blessings.”

But the reply only got worse and crude, including insults to their food and how they have a ‘housewife, so I don’t need your f****** food.’

This heartless prank cost the owner a total of $170 for the meals that won’t be eaten by anyone. No name of the prankster nor restaurant was released. The post was originally shared on a local community of eastern suburbs in Melbourne before it was shared on Reddit.

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