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Man Mistakenly Bought 1,000 Chickens Online For $1


Man Mistakenly Bought 1,000 Chickens Online For $1

Bid submitted to rescue a hen for a token surprisingly turned out to be for a 1000 hens.

Accidentally, Steve Morrow, a New Zealand man bought a whopping 1000 chicken for just 1.50 New Zealand Dollar which is approximately 0.96 United States Dollar in an online sale after seeing the website indicating “urgent sale”

Steve felt there was just one chicken in need which needed to be rescued by him. Nevertheless, when the auction sale ended and Steve was contacted on Sunday by 11 a.m. and was shocked to be informed that he won the sale and it was actually 1,000 hens and not just one chicken.

The chicken farm which was located in Auckland was clearing up and needed to be totally empty by Monday. The listing for the auction looked like it was meant for just one hen, but confusingly, it was actually for a thousand birds.

Morrow, who also thought at the end of the bids he could buy as many other birds as he wanted was stunned when the seller informed him that his less than a US dollar bid had actually gotten him 1000 hens.

Morrow noted that despite reading the description posted by Mathew Blomfield over and over, it was actually confusing to think it was for that number of birds.

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