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‘Make Women Great Again Convention’ Hosted By Men To Teach Attendees For $2000 Is Causing Outrage Online


‘Make Women Great Again Convention’ Hosted By Men To Teach Attendees For $2000 Is Causing Outrage Online

Is this convention really an ideal one?

The upcoming event titled ‘Make Women Great Again’ is beginning to cause outrage online. Scheduled for May in Orlando, Florida, the 22 Convention is engineering some massive waves of disbelief and anger in the media.

Some individuals are equally outraged at nearly every part of the convention, including its costs valued at $2000 for a ticket. With speakers mostly composed of men, the convention aimed at showing women how to be ideal and importantly ultimate wives.

On the other hand, the convention-style itself as an opponent of feminism and claimed at promoting all forms of positive femininity. On its website, it equally states it would be the mansplaining event of the century.

More Info: The 22 Convention

‘Make Women Great Again Convention’ Is Causing A Huge Wave Of Disbelief And Anger Online


It Aimed At Showing Women How To Be To Ultimate Wives And Ideal Women


All Speakers At The Event Will Be Men


2020 is, however, the 1st time the  ‘Make Women Great Again’ convention will be held. It’s recognized as a spin-off from Anthony Dream Johnson’s: The 21 Convention running since 2007. According to the organizers of the 21 conventions, the event aimed at teaching men to be men in the 21st century – Pro-father, Pro-masculinity, and Pro-man.

Speaking at the Make Women Great Again convention includes Stefan Molyneux and Mike Cernovich. The main speaker is Johnson, and he’s dubbed as The 1st President of the Manosphere.

With the termed Manosphere described on Wikipedia as a loose collection of web-based misogynist movement associated with alt-right, Johnson lashed out at the definition and told internet users it’s totally a standard lie and a smear campaign aimed at undermining the growth and positive impact of the manosphere.

Here’s What’s On The Convention Website

Some Women, In Particular, Were Shocked That Such An Event Of Could Take Place


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