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Madman Arrested For Smashing NYC McDonald’s With An Ax Is Released Without Bail


Madman Arrested For Smashing NYC McDonald’s With An Ax Is Released Without Bail

The madman flew into an an-wielding rage at the Lower East Side McDonald’s.

31-Year-Old Michael Palacious, a jilted madman, was arraigned on 4th-degree criminal mischief and possession of weapons charges after he entered into an ax rage at a Lower East Side McDonald’s. Video of the incident shows men intervened, throwing punches at him, but he remained calm.

Madman McDonalds 1
kiddlite21 via McgooShakes/Twitter

As the men backed off, Palacious allegedly reached into his backpack and pulled out an ex, smashing tables and the wall. 

Madman McDonalds 3
kiddlite21 via McgooShakes/Twitter

Patrons in the restaurant scattered in fear, and just as he concluded the rampage of destroying two tables and a plate-glass partition, Palacious was seen getting back on his bicycle and taking off. According to NYPOST, he even had a prior bust for resisting arrest. 

Madman McDonalds 4
kiddlite21 via McgooShakes/Twitter

Now, authorities alleged Palacious be released without bail at his arraignment.

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The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said neither charge is eligible for bail under the state’s lenient criminal justice reforms. Palacious had allegedly told cops, “I have a pocket knife in my bike.” And a witness claimed the madman, Palacious, went off when a woman at the restaurant rejected him after he continually tried to talk to her.

“So, basically he got into an argument with a girl and then the girl rejected him,” Uber Eats deliveryman Ruben G said. 

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kiddlite21 via McgooShakes/Twitter

He added: “She didn’t want to talk to him. He kept going at her. That’s when the guys she was with stepped in. He was trying to talk to her and whatever. He was asking for her number, where she was from, and I guess she felt some way. She replied back in a certain manner that she didn’t want to give too much info, and he kept pushing on.” 

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kiddlite21 via McgooShakes/Twitter

Ruben further revealed that Palacious was drunk during the incident. 

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kiddlite21 via McgooShakes/Twitter

However, in an interview, the madman reportedly made no mention of any rejection and instead said the guard was preventing him from using the McDonald’s washroom. For the trial for the charges against him, Palacious, as per the DailyMail, has retained an attorney and might argue he acted in self-defense. 

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