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Lionsgate Confirms ‘Knives Out’ Sequel Has Been Ordered


Lionsgate Confirms ‘Knives Out’ Sequel Has Been Ordered

The movie has received a green light to begin production.

During the company’s Q3 earnings call, CEO Jon Feltheimer confirms that an order for the ‘Knives Out’ sequel has been made. Production for the Oscar-winning screenplay writer Rian Johnson will happen, but when is not yet detailed.

The show follows private investigator Benoit Blanc played by Daniel Craig playing out the detective of a murder mystery. He’s followed with a team of star-studded actors Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, and Michael Shannon.

The movie has been receiving positive feedback and is critically acclaimed for awards such as Best Motion Picture and Best Actor and Actress. It’s reaching a $300m worldwide gross mark.

Johnson has also voiced his interest in continuing with Blanc’s journey and do an entire series of him. He also has ideas in store for the next film.

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