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KFC Launched Mint Chocolate Dipping Sauce In South Korea


KFC Launched Mint Chocolate Dipping Sauce In South Korea

It’s selling for $0.95, equivalent to 900 Korean Won.

Mint is a popular flavor for ice cream & candy, but it turns out it could also pass as a dip for savory dishes. In South Korea, KFC has officially launched a mint-chocolate-flavored dipping sauce for its fried chicken. While it might look pretty unusual, it has been alleged it tastes sweet and salty.

The sauce, as described by the fast food chain, is a combination of rich and sweet chocolate and fresh mint. 

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via KFC

Accordingly, the sauce with a thick texture similar to a spread will be available at selected locations across South Korea until August 8th. Interested customers can order the Mint Choco Dipping Sauce as part of combo meals or separately at stores, including through the KFC delivery app. 

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A small tub reportedly costs $0.95, equivalent to 900 Korean Won. 

And in contrast to what you might assume, foodies have attested it doesn’t take like toothpaste. A few adventurous people have even tried the sauce with fries and hamburgers, and unsurprisingly, it’s said to taste best even with items like biscuits. However, companies had in the past come up with mint chocolate versions of food and products. 

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But almost all, including the Fried Pork Cutlets and Bubble Tea [pictured below], among others, are not usually seen to be matched with the flavor. 

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Tteokkbokki (stick rice cake) via NBC
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Pizza via
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Fried Pork Cutlets via Saboten
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Noodles via Naver
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Egg Rolls via yojunghouse81/Instagram
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Bubble Tea via Gong cha

On the other hand, Mint Chocolate was initially launched amid the dessert contest in the 70s in the United Kingdom and then introduced as an ice cream flavor. 

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via My Sweet Mission

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