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Kanye West’s Wife Bianca Censori Proves She ‘Doesn’t Need Kim’s SKIMs’ As She Goes Braless


Kanye West’s Wife Bianca Censori Proves She ‘Doesn’t Need Kim’s SKIMs’ As She Goes Braless

It’s alleged Bianca think going braless will make her look as if she’s s*xier.

The Australian entrepreneur is suspected of snubbing Kim Kardashian’s SKIMs brand by saying “no” to a load of foundation garments. Recently, Bianca Censori was seen wandering happily along Melrose Place with her supposed husband, Kanye West, wearing tight black spandex clothes, stiletto boots, and a neutral beanie hat but without including a bra in the look.

Notably, Bianca burst onto the celebrity scene in January after news that Kanye had secretly married her. It was a shock, as it came months after the rapper divorced Kim.

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Speaking of Bianca’s braless look, a fashion psychologist alleged she might be expressing that her body doesn’t need SKIMs and that she might think going braless will make her look sexier because her b**bs will move when she’s walking around. Accordingly, it’s said Bianca may have made the decision knowing she could be photographed. 

The architectural designer had been compared to have similarities with her husband’s ex-wife but her sense of style seems completely different. 

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“For Bianca, there appear to have been several times it looks as if she wasn’t wearing a bra in public. For example, in the image where she’s wearing the beanie, it looks like she’s not wearing a bra. Bianca may have made the decision not to wear a bra knowing she could be photographed. She might think being pictured not wearing a bra will make her look as if she’s s*xier as our br***ts are more likely to move if we don’t wear one,” Prof Carolyn Mair Ph.D. told The Sun in an interview.  

Prof Carolyn added that the decision to go braless is associated with being s*xy and possibly because it means there would be nothing underneath the outer layer.

Bianca Censori Proves She Doesnt Need Kim SKIMs 2

“I don’t know if these are her b**bs or not, but she will attract attention regardless because her br***ts would move when she walks. When something moves, we look as movement attracts our attention. Or perhaps Bianca might be saying, ‘I don’t need underwear or SKIMs. Bianca could also be saying I’m letting it all hang out and this is because SKIMs sucks the body in.” 

Prof Carolyn claimed Bianca has a similar body shape to Kim and so what she might be expressing through her outfit is that her body doesn’t need SKIMs. 

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“We have one woman who’s obviously not into SKIMs and one of them is who is.” “Contrasting with Kim, she could be saying that she doesn’t need a load of foundation garments,” the business consultant said, adding that “what’s still similar between the two women is that, like Kim, Bianca dresses to attract attention.” “I wouldn’t say it’s a fashionable look, though.”  

Carolyn, the author of the Psychology of Fashion, pointed out that Bianca’s entire look shouts she wants to look like she’s a s*xy person. 

Bianca Censori Proves She Doesnt Need Kim SKIMs 4

“The look is quite similar to Kim in that they both have exaggerated female proportions with the small waist and big b**bs. Although I think some of the other images of Bianca show her in a derivation of something that could be fashionable. She’s also trying hard with the knee-high boots with stilettos, the long leather gloves, the very short shorts and with the tights underneath.” 

Prof Carolyn, who has created behavior change programs for mental health continued that when teens or young women copy such looks, they’re not always able to handle the impact. 

Bianca Censori Proves She Doesnt Need Kim SKIMs 1
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“For me, it the problem as celebrities are, whether they like it or not, role models. There’s a responsibility when you’re a role model because some teenagers will copy. Until you’re in your mid-20s, your prefrontal cortex isn’t fully formed, and this is why we can make poor decisions until we’re that age. Some people think Bianca looks great and sexy, but they’re probably not the exact people that she wants to think of her in the way.” 

“We need to think about the consequences of what we’re wearing. If we think of clothing as communication, like any language, it says something. More generally, I think going braless is fine if that’s what people want to do.” 

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“It’s what’s accompanied by it so if you’re going braless, you don’t have to show everything else off at the same time. If you have a low top and you’re braless, you don’t have to have a skirt up to your backside as well. My initial thought on going braless is that the person wants to increase their s*x appeal. Even at the Oscars, clearly some of the celebrities were not wearing underwear and so not wearing a bra isn’t an issue in itself.” 

“From a psychological perspective, we perceive and judge a person based on their entire appearance. We focus on the detail later if our attention is drawn to it so if something moves, we notice it.”

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“The same is true of any salient sensory feature be it color, sound, air pressure or smell. When you can see the unrestrained shape of a br***t under clothes, it tends to be more thought of as s*xier. When a woman walks and she’s not wearing a bra, her breasts move, attracting attention because our visual system is attracted to movement.”

“Even if we’re not looking at a person, our attention will be drawn to look more closely at what is moving, and in this case, it’s the breasts.” 

Bianca Censori Proves She Doesnt Need Kim SKIMs 6

“If fame matters to you and you want to be in the press, creating a sensation can get you noticed. Doing something different and more salient such as looking brighter, and more outrageous than other people will get us noticed. We’ve seen a lot of sheer fabrics in fashion recently, that’s no longer cutting edge. So, in order to get attention and show the shape of the breast, going braless can create the sensation.” 

“It attracts attention through movement and also leaves something to the imagination. Perhaps Bianca’s underwear decisions are a result of a state of being where she fears not being in the news or not being noticed anymore,” Prof Carolyn concluded.

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However, the Aussie and Kanye have been pictured out and about in an array of eye-catching outfits. And while there seems to be no official marriage paperwork signed between the pair, Bianca has started to settle into her role as a stepmom to Ye’s children, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. Back in January, the pair were seen with North at Nobu in Malibu and then on March 9, the three were again seen at Universal Studios shooting hoops. 

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