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Introducing Maja Strojek, The Most Stunning Polish Model


Introducing Maja Strojek, The Most Stunning Polish Model

There are many people in this world who deserve more attentions!

When it comes to Polish models, what comes to your mind? Some of you will probably mention philanthropist Anja Rubik or the animal advocate Joanna Krupa. But maybe there is something about Polish genes that just made a lot of women of this race looks so pretty.

This is Maja Strojek, a 23-year-old Polish model.

Maja is a Polish model based in Wroclaw and is 23 years old this year. She’s gone under our radar, but with this beauty, we really think she deserves more spotlight!

And here’s Maja in one of her photoshoot with a professional photographer to prove that yes, Maja is just as gorgeous in real life. Have a great day, people!

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