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Indian Policeman Designs A Corona Helmet To Warn People Who Refuse To Stay At Home


Indian Policeman Designs A Corona Helmet To Warn People Who Refuse To Stay At Home

The best cosplay of 2020.

A police officer in India has taken the pandemic prevention more seriously, reaching a whole new level. Officer Rajesh Babu on patrolling the streets of Chennai – the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu has gone all viral for putting on a helmet that appears like COVID-19.

Presently, the country with over 1.3billion population is on a 21-day shutdown in a bid to reduce the spread of the pandemic. Hence, the Chennai police officer Rajesh took an unusual approach to stop people in the middle of their journeys and educating them about the importance of staying at home.

Officer Rajesh teamed up with Gowtham, a local artist to design the coronavirus helmet using paper.

Police Officer Rajesh Babu Wears A COVID-19 Helmet To Inspire People To Stay Home


‘We took all the steps, but still, people are coming out on the streets. Hence, the corona helmet is one of the ways at which we are creating awareness about the significance of the police force. The helmet, in particular, is an attempt to do something entirely different.’ Rajesh told Asian News International.

India With 1.3 Billion Population Is Under A 21-Day Lockdown


Officer Rajesh continued: ‘When I wear the helmet, the thought of coronavirus comes into the minds of a lot of commuters. Most especially, kids react strongly after sighting this and would want to be taken home.’


Nevertheless, the police officer is unhappy that people aren’t taking the self-isolation very seriously.  ‘We had visited the public but awareness among them is quite less. We thought of doing something entirely different.’ Officer Rajesh emphasized.

Currently, over 1000 people have been infected with COVID-19 in India.

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