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“I’m 21 With Two Kids – Trolls Call Them ‘Mistakes’ And Presume They Have Different Dads”


“I’m 21 With Two Kids – Trolls Call Them ‘Mistakes’ And Presume They Have Different Dads”

Is there a certain age to become a mom?

Being a very young mom comes with its judgment! Samantha De Laar, a mom of two at age 21, can attest to the mentioned above. She’s pretty successful, running her own business named Korrandco, yet people have continually judged and heavily trolled her.  

It’s hard to be a mom! Samantha de Laar is 21-years-old and has two children – Kai and Kove.

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She and her partner are happy about their lifestyle but the internet isn’t.

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Taking to TikTok to share her ordeal, Samantha, in a video, explained what it’s truly like being a mum at 21 in the age of the internet. She has faced crude remarks about her and her partner not learning from their mistakes. Some have even asked if they do not know how to use protection.

Samantha is regularly trolled and asked if she and her partner doesn’t know how to use protection.


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In her video titled “Young mom judgment,” Samantha revealed she’s also told she’s still very much a baby.

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“Oh honey, you’re still a baby!” A few have also uttered this kind of comment without hesitation. However, one common comment ever said to Samantha is she has her children named Kai and Kove from different fathers. “Is the dad still around? This is another question the young mom gets asked a lot of times.

More annoying, the young mom is asked if her two boys are from different dads.

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It is pretty safe to say that there appears a proportion of humans on Planet Earth who still live by the ancient belief that a woman should come of a specific age to become a birth mother; anything below shouldn’t be accepted. Luckily, some TikTok moms and mums-to-be who were treated similarly have since defended Samantha. 

One of them shared: “I’m in the same boat with a 1-year-old and due early July, and I get judged so much for it!” A few in the comments were kind and understanding, while others didn’t entirely support Samantha and her choices. One person wrote: “Well, what are answers to those questions? No more babies for now.”

According to Samantha, criticisms heightened when she was expecting her second child.

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They added: “Get better protection so you can care for yourself and boys.” Samantha didn’t allow this comment to slide off as she did respond, insisting that “My children were planned! People think that just because I’m young, this isn’t the life I wanted, lol!”

In the comments, Samantha did respond to a troll, who urged her not to have more babies.

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