Illustrator Tries To Show How 'Godzilla' Was Able to Stand In The Ocean

Illustrator Tries To Show How ‘Godzilla’ Was Able to Stand In The Ocean

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We grew up with Godzilla and got comfortable with the sight of the dinosaur-like monster shooting lasers and stomping on cities. But because of that, we tend to overlook the logic behind how the titans move around.

Please do not take this literally; this is just for fun. As a big fan of ‘Godzilla,’ some people also can’t help but dig really deep into the theories. Like how tall Godzilla is and how does it actually stand in the seas.

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Godzilla is 120 meters tall. In movies, he’s always depicted knee-deep in the middle of the sea.

But how come he’s only knee-deep when the bottom of the sea is about more than 3000 meters deep?

We get the point that the movies want to emphasize how huge he is. But it’s amusing to see that the original author may have forgotten that the sea is much deeper than you thought. Hence, this illustrator came up with various plausible theories to explain what could’ve happened.

Godzilla’s height is not always the same. Depending on the franchise and movie, his height goes up and down. The first Godzilla’s appearance ever in 1954 had him drawn only 50 meters tall. Then in ‘Return of Godzilla’ in 1984, he was 80 meters tall. Toho later increased his height to 100 meters tall, towering most tall buildings.

Finally, in ‘Godzilla: King The Monsters,’ Godzilla was shown to be more than 120 meters tall, placing him as tall as skyscrapers. The result of the growth spurt will be maintained on his appearance later in ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ that was released last month.

Others make edits and came up with their own explanations.