Illustrator Creates 18 Intriguing Comics With Unexpected Endings

Illustrator Creates 18 Intriguing Comics With Unexpected Endings

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The holidays are gradually rounding up and many people are beginning to believe there’s no time for more fun. And for a serious start in the year, Tum Natakorn Ulit, 27, an artist from Bangkok, Thailand has decided to share with you some heart-wrenching comics.

Creating unique stories, Natakorn’s comics are almost guaranteed to tear you up real deep. While they are thematically different, the comics, however, pass a bittersweet sense of tragedy.

Inspired by personal experience, Natakorn interprets his pain into comics in a bid to express his feelings. And being a highly concentrated form of tragedy (the comics), it certainly would break one’s heart, but at the end of it all, a small ray of hope peer through.

We at Green Lemon couldn’t just resist Natakorn’s comics, so we decided to share with you 18 of Natakorn’s best comics. So, enjoy it!

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Soldier boy

Insert coin here

Hello again

Hi and goodbye

My precious…

Cat’s vision

Almost a miracle until…

Hug Hug

Mr. Santa, do you see me?

Pick colors for your nature

Only God(zilla) knows

I choose you, you eat me

No matter how high it is

And they all lived happily ever after?

Happiness Begins

Same hand that hold you

A flower that fits the soul