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Artists Create Comics With Craziest Twisted Endings (3 Stories)


Artists Create Comics With Craziest Twisted Endings (3 Stories)

Short stories with10-15 square long!

Every great story read is believed to have a happy conclusive ending. With the idea that a villain in a story should be left unpunished and the sufferers, heroes/heroines should also be rewarded for their good works, it’s common for the truth to always come out at the right time.

This is however not the case for writer, Ehud Lavski and illustrator Yael Nathan. They both write stories that are obviously different from the norm, and frequently with an unusual depressing ending.

While some of their followers consider them as hyperbolic stories of reality, other people appreciate the fantasy side that Lavski ensures to include in most of the stories. Though, they are short and about 10-15 square long.

Lavski, equally mentioned that inspiration for his stories is usually not derived from the same source, adding that he sometimes gets nightmares before writing and most times it just pops up in the head as a formed story.  

A couple of months ago, the pair,  however, started a Kickstarter project where they’ll be turning 15 of their stories into a book. So if you appreciate their stories, consider getting yourself a copy.

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