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Ice Cream Man Charges Influencers Double Because They Keep Requesting For Freebies


Ice Cream Man Charges Influencers Double Because They Keep Requesting For Freebies

Influencers – Your time of reign has expired!

A lot of brands are usually excited to dole out goodies to Instagram users with millions of followers. From top-to, the least brands send out free clothing, make-up, and even food to these so-called influencers, including offers of trips and experience in exchange for a post or two on their social media page.

Well, one man has had enough of the exchange and has decided to stop every influencer attempting to benefit from his Ice Cream business.

Joe Nicchi, 38, from Los Angeles sells Chocolate Vanilla ice creams from a Truck CVT Soft Serve. He revealed influencers keeps requesting for free ice-cream in exchange for exposure, approximately one to three times weekly. 

Being all fed with influencer asking for freebies, Joe decided to charge them double.

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‘I finally figured it out. I made a sign to charge anyone that identifies himself/herself as an influencer double. It’s superb to have a free press for my business, but honestly, I am thrilled to expose the fact that anyone can buy comments, likes, and even followers – Influencers. It’s all mirrors and smoke and they love using the term exposure all the time.’ Joe said.

Before his resolution, Joe had received a request to serve a 300-person party for free for 24hours.

Announcing his set rule on Instagram, Joe wrote: We’ve reached an agreement to make this thing official with signage. We don’t care if you are an influencer. We don’t care about the number of followers you have. We will never give out a free ice-cream in exchange for a post on your media account. It’s a $4 Item, but for you, it’s $8. #InfluencersAreGross’

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