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‘I Was Called A Fat B***h, But Now I Look Unrecognisable After Giving Myself A Makeover’


‘I Was Called A Fat B***h, But Now I Look Unrecognisable After Giving Myself A Makeover’

You can be anything you want; just go for it.

Being bullied can be hurting, and most of the time, it can change a victim’s personality. Jazmyne Day, amid growing up, was constantly taunted by bullies and dubbed a fat b***h. In December 2017, the cruel fat-shaming led her to constantly battle bouts of depression. She was so depressed that she honestly didn’t see the purpose in living. 

Jazmyne Day spent £30k on a body transformation after a cruel fat-shaming comment saw her hit rock bottom.


She had constantly battled bouts of depression because of her physical appearance [Before vs. After].

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However, the 28-Year-Old took a turn in her lifestyle, cut down on sugary foods, and exercised more. She has had enough and so also spent about £30,000 on a captivating transformation. She now looks different. Jazmyne, who works in a nine-to-five job as an accountant, also found a passion in weight lifting to make her stronger.

For constantly being called A a ‘fat b****,’ Jazmyne decided to change her life.

The 28-year-old works out more regularly and cuts down on sugary food to improve her lifestyle.

“I was called a fat b**** by someone very close to me, and everything came into focus. I realized I needed to make serious changes in my life.” Jazmyne, according to The Sun, explained. Within the space of three years, the beauty added that she lost over 60lb of fat [4.2 stone] and put on over 20lb [1.4 stone] of muscle, including some surgical enhancements.

The South-Wales-based also found a passion for weight lifting to make her stronger.

Within three years, she lost over 60lb of fat and put on over 20lb of muscle.

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jazdaymedia via Instagram

In particular, £30K was spent on plastic surgery, including two breast augmentations, teeth alignment, and Brazilian butt lift. “Currently, I am quite pleased with my look and have truly grown to love my body.” Jazmyne, from Gwent in South Wales, insisted. Nonetheless, she often shares her workout videos on her dedicated fitness page.

Jazmyne also spent $40,000 on two breast augmentations, one Brazilian butt lift, and teeth alignment.

Currently, she’s pleased with her look and has indeed grown to love her body.

In one clip, Jazmyne had worked on her upper body using a pulldown machine. Pulling down the weighted bars, she controlled her breathing and maintained the right physique on the set. She also focuses on big barbell compound lifts like deadlifts, overhead press, and even squats, apart from pulling weighted bars. In all, Jazmyne is now very much confident

Jazmyne loves being strong, not because of the aesthetic results but also the confidence and health benefits.

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