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“I Thought My Girlfriend Was ‘The One’ – Then My Dad Got Her Pregnant On A Family Holiday”


“I Thought My Girlfriend Was ‘The One’ – Then My Dad Got Her Pregnant On A Family Holiday”

Meeting with in-laws is arguably a big test of marriage.

A healthy boundary between oneself and a partner’s family is regularly advised, primarily as your marriage depends on it. Being there for your mother-in-law or father-in-law is a good thing, but it turned out keeping them both at arm’s length is better for your sexual relationship or marriage. 

You possibly will agree to the mentioned above after reading through the tale of this man, who claimed his now ex-girlfriend slept with his dad on a family holiday. Adding to the injury, she allegedly ended up getting pregnant. Before the trip, the unidentified man claimed he had believed the GF he had been dating since high school was ‘The One.’

This man had believed his high school GF was ‘The One,’ but then she slept with his dad during a family holiday.

via TikTok

And this was because of the applaudable effort she made with his parents, including families. The girlfriend goes almost everywhere with his parents, which resulted in loving her the more. “Me thinking my girlfriend and I will get married because my parents love her and she good everywhere with us.” The man said in a TikTok clip.

He added: “She sleeps with my dad on a family vacation. Get’s pregnant.” Within minutes of upload, the clip, which racked over 6million views, did leave TikTokers inquisitive of more details. In an updated clip, the man explained how he has managed to forgive his dad, and of course, he’s no longer with his girlfriend

The TikToker has since forgiven his dad, and he is no longer with his girlfriend.

via TikTok

“I am cool with my dad. It was a long time ago, a couple of years ago. I now see it as sharing as caring. So it is what it is. It’s in the past. We just kind of go through it.” The man explained. So far, a few TikTokers have claimed the story was too gut-wrenching to be true, while some made a joke out of the situation

One person wrote: “She went from girlfriend to step-mom REAL quick.” Another said: “Congrats on being a big brother1” A third claimed: “I refuse to believe this,” to which a fourth seconded saying: “And if it this, then it’s traumatic.” Someone pointed out that it appears she’s loved a little too much by the parents compared to the BF. 

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