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“I Make £38k Per Months Playing ‘Giantess’, And Fans Ask Me To ‘Crush Or Eat’ Them”


“I Make £38k Per Months Playing ‘Giantess’, And Fans Ask Me To ‘Crush Or Eat’ Them”

It’s all about the concept of complete surrender.

Jesse Switch is known among people who have a giantess fetish as she thrills them with videos where she walks towards her smartphone sitting on the floor. Most of her clips stimulate the approach of a giant towards the viewers and make her look larger than life. 

As a treat for her paying audience, the Canada-based crushes and eats little figurines of people or stomps on her smartphone to bring the fantasy to life.

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via jesse.switch.irl

In 2020, the 33-Year-Old ditched her warehouse job and joined the sexy subscription site – OnlyFans, where followers pay a monthly stipend to access her content. On Instagram, Jess has garnered 207K followers under the username @jesse.switch.irl

Speaking with Daily Star, the model who works 12hours a day working, shared that being funny and sexual is seriously overlooked.

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via jesse.switch.irl

She added: “A kink I explore with fans involves me playing the part of a giantess. I’m interested in where these kinks come from, and with the giantess fantasy, it’s usually about the idea of complete surrender.”

“They like the thrill of me looking huge and them feeling tiny and the uncertainty of what I’ll do next. Other people like to continue on to me crushing or eating them, having the ultimate dominance asserted. In one video I bought a tiny figure of a man less than an inch tall and threw it into my mouth and pretended to swallow. In other videos, fans want to be crushed by me so I’ll either stomp, stand or sit on my phone.”

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via jesse.switch.irl

Jess explained that some people want to fantasize about being stomped or sat on, but sometimes they want to be picked up, teased, and then explicitly crushed between her b*tt cheeks or breasts.

“I’ve certainly got the curves to be able to stuff a whole camera into my cleavage or my b*tt, so that’s another aspect of the fantasy that I’m able to really bring to life.” A fan had asked the content creator to crush everything but him from his office to his house and gym. In response, she “picked him up and put him in her bra, telling him she would keep him as a pet.” 

While the kink appears extreme to some, Jesse insists it’s just about being freed from responsibility and cared for.

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