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‘I Found ‘Hot’ Pics Of My Mom In A Mag, And I’m Proud She’s An Escort’


‘I Found ‘Hot’ Pics Of My Mom In A Mag, And I’m Proud She’s An Escort’

And that’s the bitter truth!

There are numerous misconceptions about what it’s like to be an escort. People are fascinated with the individuals involved in it but are rarely interested in truly understanding them. The portrayals of an escort in movies and even in the media are highly inaccurate most of the time, fueling the misguided public perception of the ancient profession.

In the world of 38-Year-Old Charlotte Rose, her career in the sex industry since aged 17 has finally been revealed to her children in a bid to protect them. But it turned out, Marie Rose, Charlotte’s daughter at aged 5, had spotted photos of her mom stripped off in dominatrix gear on a sexy magazine. 

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Flashes of the photos only emerged at age 12 when mom Charlotte acknowledged the truth about her job in the sex industry. Marie, now 20-Year-Old has claimed she’s never embarrassed about her mom’s job as an escort and is proud of how she’s been assisting people. The confession came up due to someone trying to blackmail Charlotte, threatening her out of her job if she didn’t agree to free sex or money. 

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Marie, who’s presently a student of social sciences, youth work, and community development at Goldsmiths University, London, had found a magazine on the top of a kitchen cupboard, showing her mom’s photoshoot in dominatrix wear. ‘It was hidden away, but I had a snoop. I showed my brother and replied, this looks like Mum; it can’t be her, can it? We never mentioned it again, but she confirmed it was her when I asked her almost a decade later.

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‘I always knew her job was a bit unconventional because she worked a lot of weekends and evenings. I was suspicious when she said she’s worked in computing. Mom told me the truth about her job when I was 12, and I wasn’t shocked; I thought that’s much better than a boring office job. It was great to know my hunch was right, and I appreciated her finally telling me.’ Marie explained.

'I Found 'Hot' Pics Of My Mom In A Mag, And I'm Proud She's An Escort' 14

Since childhood, Marie had grown up with single mom Charlotte and elder brother, 21, who she prefers his name remains unknown. While she’s in contact with her biological dad, Marie rarely sees him as she spends her time at school breakfast club or after school club. ‘I have never met with mum’s clients, and I have never wanted to. If I was in the street with her and we saw a previous client, I don’t think I would feel comfortable.’ Marie added. 

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However, Charlotte had quit the industry in 2019 after the death of her husband Colin Chapman, and she’s presently touring the country in a mobile home while doing a weekly show titled: Rose Talks Sex. On the other hand, Marie doesn’t have plans to join the sex industry herself, and that’s pretty good news. 

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