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Husband Posts Ad Looking For Man Who Slept With His Wife, Offers $100 For The Address


Husband Posts Ad Looking For Man Who Slept With His Wife, Offers $100 For The Address

Unless this happens to you, you will know the rage involved in being betrayed.

Cheating is one difficulty you and your spouse can ever face. If your marriage or relationship has been through it, then you should be familiar with the devastation, anger, and anxiety that often follows. These negative emotions don’t help at times, especially as while many take away, some decide to seek revenge. The latter is the situation of a husband who has shared an advert looking for the man having an affair with his wife while also offering £70 for the correct address.

A husband (unidentified) is on the search for his wife’s lover.


Taking to Facebook, the man shared two pics of the mystery lover on a local buy and sell page, urging anyone to provide him with more details. “Hey guys, this b has been caught messing with my wife. $100 (£70) reward to the first to give me the correct address. Thank you.” The man’s caption read. However, the post has since migrated to Reddit, where it has been met with divided opinions among users.

The man took to Facebook, shared photos of the lover on a buy and sell page, and offered a reward for more details.


Many people were concerned about the fate of the man in question. “You need to handle that with your wife.” One user advised. Another said: “Not the dude she chooses to be with instead of you.” A third commented: “$100 to possibly be an accessory to murder? Pass.” Nonetheless, a few people expressed solidarity with the husband, claiming they would sell out the lover for a hundred dollars if they knew him. 

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