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‘Humans Are Metal’: 31 Stories About People That Are Real-Life Heroes


‘Humans Are Metal’: 31 Stories About People That Are Real-Life Heroes

Remember their names.

The system often disappoints people for not being fair. But fairness is a subjective idea – what you think criminals deserve may not necessarily align with what the law says. These people fought not just against people, but the broken system that failed to protect them. This is why we love the subreddit ‘Humans Are Metal.’

They took matters into their own hand, using their own power, to reclaim what is theirs. They even put their life on the line, but they seek out a purpose that is higher than just their own. And in many cases, breathes famous last words that allowed their names to be remembered.

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“Three teenage girls living in the Netherlands during World War II spent their evenings talking to German soldiers, extracting information from them and then luring them into the woods and shooting them.”

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'Humans Are Metal': 31 Stories About People That Are Real-Life Heroes 39

“The three were part of the Dutch resistance. Freddie and Truus Oversteegen both survived the war and lived until they reached 92 years of age each.

Hannie Schaft is the more famous of the three. She was caught by the Nazis and executed only three weeks before the end of the war. Her famous last words were, “I’m a better shot,” after her executors merely wounded her with their first attempt.”reddit

“Joy Andrew. From York, England.”

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“Willlem Arnodeus fighting Nazis.”

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“Dr. Alfa Sa’adu, 68, came out of retirement to fight this pandemic. Today, he became 4th doctor to die from the virus in the UK.”

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“Nothing is more metal than this.”

“Meet Issac Wright Jr – American Hero.”

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“The man who planted an entire forest!”

“Someone make this into a movie right now!”

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“Daryl Davis attended KKK rallies as a black man. He befriended the members and convinced over 200 to leave.”

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“Throwback to 5 years ago when Tony Fauci, at 74 yo, was suiting up to treat an Ebola patient himself because he “wanted to show his staff that he wouldn’t ask them to do anything he wouldn’t do himself”. This is what leadership looks like.”

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“These are the words this jogger screamed at her would-be rapist in a public restroom, and the squiggly lines are the GPS trail of her evading, and beating the sh** out of her attacker. RESPECT.”

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“That guy is right.”

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She honors her uncle after receiving her Master’s degree who helped her survive the walk from Ethiopia to Sudan in 1991.

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“Aitzaz Hasan. On January 7, 2014, he lost his life stopping a suicide bomber from entering his school. He saved hundreds of his peers, at only 15 years old.”

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“This dude traveling with his parents, but they can’t move so they must be carried by him.”

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“Theresa Kachindamoto saving the children.”

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“Guy single-handedly saves 2,000,000 people.”

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“Can’t beat intelligence.”

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“Barry J Marshall infects and cures himself.”

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“Dialysis machine.”

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“Ronald McNair.”

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“Hats off to Iranian Doctor Shirin Rouhani who passed away due to Coronavirus. Due to lack of medical staff, she kept treating Cornaviris Patients till her last breath. Look closely, she herself is on the IV while treating patients.”

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“Can we all please appreciate this. Rest in peace.”

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“This homeless man is next level.”

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They got nothing on him.

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“Brave kid.”

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“I understand completely.”

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“Salute to Sir Bishnu Shrestha, thanks for being a hero.”

“Anti-vaxxers will say it’s fake.”

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