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Hooters Waitress Spills The Most Common Creepy Comments She Gets


Hooters Waitress Spills The Most Common Creepy Comments She Gets

“I like me some hot chocolate.”

You’d think people who frequent the joints would have had their own unique line or two, but Hooters workers are, unfortunately, submitted to some of the most boorish, creepy, offensive lines from men. A Hooters girl shared with Insider some of them and you can’t finish this without at least shaking your head once.

For example, “Hooters is a strip club.”

If anyone has never been to a strip club before, it would be those that make these comments. And secondly, it isn’t one, as a matter of factly. But a misconception spreads among people and a lot of Hooters have heard some spit out these lines despite never having stepped foot in one.

Racist comments!

You will be surprised at the number of people who think that it’s okay to imply POCs in their comments. The black waitress shared, “‘I love me a nice, dark feisty girl,’ fetish-y phrases, I’ll get those sometimes.”

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She’s also heard some others, such as ‘I don’t want curly hair in my food’ that seem to indicate their preferences which, obviously, nobody ever asked about in there.

The frugal customers.

Trying to be frugal at a Hooters is probably not the best idea. She’s had three years of experience and she’s had many people comment about the price of the chicken wings. Or complain about it, to be precise. Since their chicken wings are the most popular choice and the price of a 10-piece is $15.50.

These patrons would pretend to be shocked about it and the waitress said, “They act like I swindled them.”

Another type of customer is when they only come to order water and no food. And that’s how she knows that table won’t leave her any tips.

“Just smile more.”

This is a job where waitresses make the most money out of tips for services. The service industry’s demands can be unreasonable and there aren’t many things Hooter girls can say when it comes to how they present themselves: it’s their selling point to provide the best service for the customers.

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The waitress shared what it’s like, “You’re actively working, running around doing something, going back and forth and someone will literally stop me and say, ‘Why aren’t you smiling? Just smile more. Aren’t you happy to be here?'”

Borderline harassing comments.

Hooters have a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment, but it doesn’t mean there’s a short of experiences with hearing uncomfortable comments from men like, “Are you on the menu?”

Yet, they would flood waitresses who handle such crude comments well with tons of tips, a very lucrative method to earn money from the job.

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