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Hairdresser Creates Barrier Between Clients By Cutting Arm And Eye Holes In Umbrella


Hairdresser Creates Barrier Between Clients By Cutting Arm And Eye Holes In Umbrella

Equal parts inspiring & nightmare-inducing!

A hairdresser who continued to work during the COVID-19 pandemic has gone viral for wearing a shield to protect herself from customers.

In a nightmare-inducing effort to help avoid the spread of COVID-19, the Dutch stylist who works at the Bella Rosa salon in Oss, North of Eindhoven, Netherlands, built a makeshift shield from an umbrella.

Dutch stylist working at Bella Rosa salon in Oss, North of Eindhoven Netherlands created a makeshift shield to protect herself from customers

The stylist cut two holes for her arms to go through, using disposable gloves to cut a client’s hair. Accordingly, the hairdresser finished her homemade protective wear by attaching holes to the umbrella in a bid to see out of.

Countries across Europe have had hair and beauty salons shut down, and there is no evidence they would be reopened soon.

The clip has since gone viral through social media, garnering over 82,000 Facebook shares. In one video, the hairstylist included a caption that reads: ‘ This is not going well.’

In the background of the clip, laughing sounds can be heard. The woman had to cut the third hole to thread the eyebrows of another client. The woman also performed the procedure by placing the thread in her mouth, while using both of her hands to create the look desired by the clients.

The weird measure has surfaced in two videos, which has almost racked over 3000 likes on Facebook as well. Some clients, in particular, poked fun at the creativity with one saying: ‘You must be crazy.’

Another, identified as Wanda De Roy Van Zuydewijin added: ‘Bunch of Lunatics.’

But interestingly, Serda Cevher Tegman, a third user saluted the innovation and said: ‘You’ve got an invention for everything. Superwoman!’

Dutch Hairdresser makes COVID-19 barrier with an umbrella

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