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Girlfriends Are Cutting Their Boyfriends’ Hair And It’s Hilarious


Girlfriends Are Cutting Their Boyfriends’ Hair And It’s Hilarious

How’s your haircut going?

With isolation in place, some people have no choice but to do everything they usually get a professional do by themselves. Namely, getting a haircut.

Now, this is easy if at least one of your household member has a little bit of skill in haircut. The minimum we all need is a nice trim, slightly shorter than we’d usually go with, so we don’t have to cut as much during isolation. But what about the single ladies and gentlemen? What about the couples who have never held a scissors against hair before?

It is not going good for many of them.


Letting their hair grow wild is also not a viable option.


The non-single guys are not having it better.

@cassandrasanova / twitter

They all trusted their girls will do at least a decent job of cutting where they can’t see. Just because they could see, though, didn’t mean they’d do a great job and how much these men had known that all along!

We’re all Shelby ahead of his time now.

What’s the takeaway lesson, everyone? Girls, you don’t know how to do a skin fade and guys, your girl may be the sweetest person on earth, but don’t let her near the clippers. Exert social distancing or you might just want to stay home for a really long time.

But guess what, women aren’t having it better themselves.

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