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Girl, 10, Who Refused To Answer ‘Rude’ Test Question Applauded For Brilliant Reply


Girl, 10, Who Refused To Answer ‘Rude’ Test Question Applauded For Brilliant Reply

Has your child ever made you a proud parent?

A 10-Year-Old girl has been praised for making a stand against a rude test question on her school maths test.

The young girl, Rhythm Pacheco had finished her homework when her mother, Naomi took a look at her daughter’s assignment but discovered the message she had left for her teacher.

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Sharing her daughter’s powerful response online, many individuals have responded praising the young girl for standing up for what she knows.

Working on her maths assignment, Rhythm came across a question urging her to compare the weight of 3 women and to determine how much heavier Isabelle was.

Circling the asked question, Rhythm responded: ‘This is offensive, Sorry I won’t right this, it’s rood.’

Initially, concern about how her teacher would respond, the Rhythm who is from Utah, according to Today, wrote a letter to explain why she doesn’t want to solve the problem.

Rhythm’s mother, Naomi shared her daughter response online

‘I don’t mean to be rude,  but I don’t think that math question was very nice because that’s like judging people’s weight. Accordingly, the reason I didn’t do the sentence is that I just don’t think that’s nice as well. Love Rhythm.’ The letter reads.

The young teenager’s concern was that the question could be very damaging to young girls who might already feel insecure because of their bodies.

Social media users were quick to praise the young girl

Reacting, Rhythm’s mother, Naomi said: ‘Her dad and I were extremely proud of Rhythm for listening to her instinct and standing up for what she feels is actually right.’

‘Her teacher was responsive and handled the situation with care. Rhythm’s teacher explained to her that she understands how she would be upset about the question and that she didn’t even have to write out the answer.’

Nevertheless, social media users were quick to praise the young girl. A user on Facebook said: ‘Way to go Rhythm! Low how strong of a person you are at this young age. Will serve you well in life,’

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