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Giant Library In Minecraft Built By 24 People To Fight Censorship All Over The World


Giant Library In Minecraft Built By 24 People To Fight Censorship All Over The World

The library’s main dome is almost 300 meters wide – the 2nd largest in the world!

Many of us presently reside in countries where freedom of speech is regarded as a fundamental human right. Nevertheless, not all beings are blessed with this sometimes overlooked right as there are numerous countries in this world where governments effectively censor their citizens, most especially those whose line of career is to report facts –Journalists.

In some places around the world, journalists are mostly exiled, jailed, banned and even killed for their honest reports. In a bid to make their messages heard as well as reach places when they’re banned, the Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has launched a special kind of library that could reach millions of people – In Minecraft.

The originators reasoned their choice by revealing the library’s accessibility. ‘RSF used this backdoor to establish ‘The Uncensored Library. It’s a library that’s now accessible on an open server for every Minecraft player across the world. The giant library is equipped with books featuring articles that were censored in their country of origin.’

‘All of these articles are available within Minecraft –kept away from government surveillance technology inside the game. The books or articles can be read by everyone on the server and their content can’t be changed. The library is gradually growing with more books and more books being added to battle censorship.’

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This Uncensored Library Aim At Providing Free Access To Information In Areas Where Censorship Exists

On March 12th the virtual library opened its doors to mark World Day against Cyber Censorship. The campaign uses the hashtag # TruthFindsAWay to inspire people to express their views and to spread the word about attempts to fight censorship.

Journalists from five separate countries (Egypt, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam) where their voices were silenced now have an opportunity to be heard again. ‘Their articles have now been republished in English as Minecraft books and are available in countries that have banned their works.’ The project representatives explained.

RSF In Partnership With BlockWorks Created This Stunning Piece

Why Minecraft? The representatives clarified that a significant part of their rationale was focused on how common Minecraft is with younger generations. Even today more than one hundred million people are playing the game, despite being over 10 years old.

Watch The Video Of The Library Below:

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