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‘Fractured’ Is Like ‘Flight Plan’ But Inside A Hospital


‘Fractured’ Is Like ‘Flight Plan’ But Inside A Hospital

Will he find his family?

Netflix is churning out new movies like no tomorrow. It doesn’t seem like the hollowness caused by multiple shows pulling out from the giant streaming platform will impact them. Especially if they keep making shows that intrigue the mind and won’t let you be able to enjoy anything else for the next couple of days.

‘Fractured’ stars Sam Worthington and Lily Rabe as husband and wife on a vacation with their young daughter. After his wife and injured daughter disappear from an ER, a man conducts a panicked search and becomes convinced the hospital is hiding something.

'Fractured' Is Like 'Flight Plan' But Inside A Hospital

Worthington Portray Ray Monroe, a husband, and a father. Lily Rabe portrayed his wife, Joanne. After rushing daughter to the emergency room and sending them away for further tests, Monroe couldn’t find his family and no record was left. He was convinced the hospital is hiding something and sets on a frantic search around the building.

In the 2-minute trailer, Monroe had a couple of people hinting that he might have been imagining it all. That he might be on that DiCaprio’s ‘Shutter Island’ mode, but he also found himself physically holding on to the yellow scarf his wife handed out to him before leaving him with her daughter for the tests.

Netflix just dropped the trailer for ‘Fractured’. Check it out below:

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