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Football Star Wanted To End His Life After His Wife Found Out She’s A Lesbian


Football Star Wanted To End His Life After His Wife Found Out She’s A Lesbian

The love remains but as a blended family.

Jaryd Cachia remained supportive of his wife, Sophie, from the time she realized she was s*xually attracted to females. The 30-Year-Old stood with the mummy blogger as she enjoyed a period of self-discovery in the final months of their marriage and even as she kissed a female footy player she had been obsessed with. 

As supportive as Jaryd was, it turned out he wasn’t well mentally and dealt with his lack of purpose in life. 

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Telling in the opening chapter of Sophie’s book “Then There Was Her,” Jaryd revealed Sophie’s decision to end their marriage came as a shock to him even though she had been exploring her s*xuality. He admitted they still had a great s*x life, and things felt almost normal, but he pushed for an official divorce, noting that while she could meet with women, he couldn’t do the same.

“Soph knew I was struggling, but I never told her how bad it got, that it got to the point where I thought about taking my own life.” 

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He added: “It was always the thought of my kids that kept me going because I love being a dad so much. But the hatred I had for myself when I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t stand the person I saw looking back at me.” While the pair now smiles in front of the cameras with their new partners and functional blended family, both admitted the happy ending didn’t come that easy.

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FEMAIL reported Sophie herself was shocked to find out Jaryd had been struggling while she was enjoying one of the happiest periods of her life. 

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“It’s is difficult to read about how much he was hurting at the time, that he was hiding his feelings to protect me. I was not completely naïve to what he was feeling, but I was open and transparent, and he put on a brave face, it must have been very difficult for him to do that, and it is really beautiful that he has been so open now.” The 31-Year added that becoming s*xually attracted to women after leading a very straight life was hard for her to process.

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“It was certainly a shock to the system, I had never been attracted to a woman and never looked at anyone other than my husband romantically for years,” Sophie shared, admitting she had contemplated ignoring her feelings. 

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Jaryd, who shares two children with Sophie, Bobby, 8, and Florence, 5, also reportedly claimed he felt his world was crumbling around him, especially as he had finished his career as a professional athlete, had been rejected from the police force and was watching his wife fall out of love.

The changing dynamic in the couple’s house as Sophie explored her s*xuality was very difficult to cope with.

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Sophie – now engaged to her partner of 18 months, a professional basketballer Madeleine Garrick, 30, also wrote in her book: “I’ve found s*x with females for me to be more intimate, more emotional – wild and dirty at times, yes, but also more spiritual.” 

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Despite cruel comments on social media following their split, Sophie described herself as s*xually fluid and attracted to humans. She attested her father, a former AFL coach, has been one of the most supportive people in her life since the breakdown of her marriage to Jaryd. So far, the couple says they still love each other, but they have maintained their mutual respect as family. 

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On the other hand, Jaryd is now in a relationship with Jacinta [left], who has an eight-year-old son, Max. 

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