Football Legend Paul Scholes Mocked On Social Media For Chewing His Daughter's Toenails

Football Legend Paul Scholes Mocked On Social Media For Chewing His Daughter’s Toenails

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Paul Scholes, the legendary player from Manchester United recently became a laughingstock after his daughter took a video of him chewing on her toenails.

Paul Scholes’ 20-year-old daughter, Alicia, shared quite a shocking video of him chewing on one of Alicia’s toes.

Alicia captioned the video with ‘true love,’ but that’s definitely not the only thing people felt.


Alicia who plays for the England Netball team posted the video on her Instagram Stories. A barrage of comments came from people mocking Paul on the ‘gross’ act of him chewing on the toe. But this isn’t the first time that the family is under fire for what they did.


Paul is a family man who’s known to spend a lot of time with his children who are now above 20.

Earlier this year, the family was slammed when the kids held a New Year’s dress party at their mansion in Oldham while the area was under Covid Tier 4 rules.

Both Alicia and her 21-year-old brother Aaron shared group pictures of them with their friends at the big house party.

And then a month after the controversy, Paul started another one when he shared how he was on a hiking trip with his four friends to Saddleworth Moor. It came out after he shared a video that overlooks the Dovestone Reservoir while the group was enjoying a short break.

Alicia’s video of her dad was shared on her platform with over 60k followers and she’s since earned around 20k more followers.

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